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Types of waste

Household - consists of organic kitchen waste, waste left as a result of cleaning the house, old fabric, paper and cardboard. Small, but growing part of household waste is plastic, it also consists of materials like glass, rubber, leather, bones and metal.

Construction -construction waste consists of materials like glass, wrappings, brick blocks, different metals, soil and ets.

Industrial - waste produced while industrial processes, which may be poisoning soil, air and water.

Naturally occurring dumpsters - Due to absence of existence dumpsters they occur on their own, usually on river banks and near the populated areas, so they endanger human health and the environment.

Combined - waste consists of several types of waste together.

Safety rules

  1. Citizen involvement is only safe, when cleaning household waste. Construction and Industrial waste can be harmful to your health.
  2. Always carry protective equipment with you ( glover with solid surface, protective veil, protective glasses)
  3. The veil will protect you from bad smell as well as, from poisonous materials.
  4. Use gloves with solid surface, they will protect you from sharp objects.
  5. It is recommended to wear long sleeved shirts, and long trousers.
  6. Avoid wearing loose clothes and jewelry when cleaning.
  7. After cleaning wash or use disinfector.

Avoid dangerous kinds of waste!

Avoid Naturally occurring dumpsters!